Sit and stand desk for productive work

Sit stand reception desk

According to social polls the worst thin about office work is necessity to sit all day and lack of opportunities to change position when you are tired. Over a half of interviewed office workers convinced their work would be more fruitful if there is an option to standing work. The majority of office workers ask their employers to establish standing working places. Sit and stand desk reviews and stubborn statistics registers constantly increasing overall demand for sitting job changes.

Doctors’ opinion on this matter is definitive: if you want to stay healthy and concentrated at work – change sitting position. Once you reduce or minimize unnatural spine twisting appeared during any sitting job, you can reveal more energy and hidden body resources for less tiresome and more productive work.

Sit stand desk top workstation with single monitor mount

New Co-Worker’s Features

Sit and stand desk offers to add some variety to routine sitting job and grant more productive results. Welcome your new co-corker and assistant – hybrid sit and stand table. Unlike average standard tables it has some interesting features. In order to get acquainted better, let’s check these features first:

  • Adjustable table height allows to change your position as often as you wish. It is helpful for your posture. Besides, it increases overall productivity level.
  • Electric sit and stand desk is a costly though powered by electricity to change height position with your single touch.
  • It is comfortable and multifunctional furniture with enough room for your PC or laptop, corresponding office accessories and machines.
  • Solid construction guarantees lasting durability of this desk.

Sit and stand desk Ikea is affordable solution not for office workers only but for all who uses tables at home.

Sit and stand up desk

Sit and stand desk

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